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THE BITTER END by Grady McMehan


by Grady McMehan

354 pages
Frankie Townes was in big trouble. Now what?

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
This is the story of one man’s choices and the consequences that followed.

Frankie Townes was a man of power and influence. He lived life large in a world not of his making, having been sucked into a life of crime almost by accident.

At first he scrambled to adapt and then he learned to excel. Life was good until one day everything changed. His power base disappeared and his business associates died, simply because they belonged to the wrong “team.” Frankie’s services were no longer needed and neither was he.

Lucky to be alive, Frankie was offered a second chance. Frankie found himself at the crossroads of good and evil with nothing but his own conscience and the advice of a good woman to help him choose.
Choose he did.



About the Author
The author is an attorney and a retired judge. He lives with his wife in Fort Mill, SC and Little River, SC. He enjoys writing and photography and hanging out at locals bars to engage in research.



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