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by Joe Sottile

173 pages
A tween guide to a happier and more purposeful life, now and in the future.

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About the Book
This book is Joe’s legacy to his five grandchildren. It’s a way of giving back some “smarts” he learned. Joe asked Debra Ross, who’s a popular homeschooler, writer, editor and creator of the KOA weekly newsletter, to write a Foreword. Debra’s “Foreword” explains clearly why the book is useful to readers. This is partly what Debra says:

“Think of the first part as being given a nice clear map, with 101 SIGNPOSTS highlighting the roads that are useful to take immediately. Joe’s secrets are strategies that anyone can learn, and his stories help you see that others have been there before. Follow some of these guidelines and, I promise, your life will improve in small or large ways. You want to know, RIGHT NOW, how to be a better friend, how to learn what you need to learn to be successful at school and in your career someday, how to avoid bullies, how to be happier? Read this book, find what is useful to you, and practice it! I guarantee that you’ll find the 'tween years a whole lot easier, which will make the teen years a whole lot easier, which will make adulthood a whole lot easier.

Think of the second part as being given a compass. When you were a small kid, adults made your decisions FOR you. But as you grow, you learn to take charge of your own decisions, so that you become your own guide to the right ways to behave…you’re going to encounter a lot of big ideas, and a lot of small actions that are going to get you thinking and trying them out right away. The time just before the teens and is a confusing time…People who don’t learn to make good decisions at this time in life can find themselves getting into habits of acting without thinking. Joe shows you how to think about the world…the most important thing to understand is this: All through your life, people are going to be urging you to “do the right thing.” However, they act as though you already know not only WHAT the right thing is to do, but WHY. Why do the right thing? Many people try to “do the right thing” so as not to get into trouble with the authorities…

But there’s a better reason. This book is special—Joe Sottile is special—because he knows something that a lot of people, even adults, don’t. And this is the main secret that is really behind this book…

The best reason to “do the right thing” is that IT WILL BENEFIT YOU: the you that is you now, and the you that is you as an adult. People who never figure out how to do the right thing are not—cannot be—happy. But if you get into a habit of… figuring out what solution will most move the world in a positive direction, what solution is creative rather than destructive… then you’ll have a happy life. I promise.”



About the Author
Joe Sottile Joe Sottile (Joe “Silly” Sottile) is a husband, father, grandfather, tutor, poet, author, and performer. He has given over 100 performances. Joe, a former teacher, loves kids, poetry, books, sports, and golf. Joe gives his readers and audiences reasons to shout, cheer, laugh, applaud, and ponder the universe and themselves.



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