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The Cat Who Loved Dogs: A True Tale of Love, Loss and Resilience by Sunny Fader

The Cat Who Loved Dogs: A True Tale of Love, Loss and Resilience

by Sunny Fader

72 pages
A tale of one catís irrepressible love affair with dogs

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Category: Animals:Cats
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About the Book
As any cat lover knows, one never owns a cat. If we are lucky, some of these remarkable creatures will deign to share our home with us... as long as we provide all the things they believe necessary for their comfort and happiness. For Hillary, a cunning little Siamese-mix kitten who came to live with the author and her two cats, that included the companionship of a dog.

Although there was no dog in the household, by some quirk of fate, shortly after Hillary arrives a dog appears - a hyperactive, mostly whippet-mix named Brandy--and the cat is happy. But an unforeseen tragedy abruptly robs the cat of the companionship of her beloved dog.

At first, not understanding that the dog will not return, Hillary maintains a vigil at the living room window. Eventually, however, she comes to understand that her K-9 friend is gone. Her ďpersonĒ watches helplessly as the young cat sinks into depression. Then one day, after weeks of mourning, Hillary disappears.

The Cat Who Loved Dogs is the true tale of Hillaryís commitment to keeping a dog in her life... and the unpredictable impact her determination has on the humans whose lives she touches in the process.



About the Author
Sunny Fader Sunny Fader is a published nonfiction author, screenwriter and television writer. Ms. Fader has also written and field produced documentaries and taught screenwriting and broadcast writing at the University of Florida and Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She is a member of Writerís Guild of America, West.



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