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Easy Gardens A to Z by Rose White

Easy Gardens A to Z

by Rose White

300 pages
Easy no maintenance gardens which bloom 12 months a year.

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About the Book
You can have fun and feel pride in your gorgeous sunny or shady garden. It requires little or no maintenance to look beautiful year around if you follow the directions in Easy Gardens A to Z—the only book you need to purchase.

The 334 pages of Easy Gardens A to Z is a compilation of all I have read and learned firsthand over the years. It is written in a format both beginning and experienced gardeners will find easy to follow, using common names for plants.

For 20 years I lived in Philadelphia and had a shady garden where flowers, bulbs, bushes and trees were beautiful 12 months a year with little or no maintenance. My sunny garden produced fruit and vegetables with little work. You, too, can do this.

It seems almost unbelievable, but in one year you can have fun and watch your easy garden grow.

SELECT A QUICK AND EASY GARDEN STYLE to match your needs. Decide what you want to do in your garden, look at the physical layout and shape of your garden, choose the color and texture of your flowers, bulbs, bushes and trees by following the easy steps.

PREPARE THE SOIL or use the raised bed designs which do not require digging.

SELECT THE PLANTS by growing season so that you can have flowers blooming 12 months a year in most climates in the shade or sun. Each year they will grow, bloom and die back on their own. Do the work one year and reap the harvest for many years to come.

PLANT YOUR PLANTS AND BULBS so that few weeds can grow, water them the easy way and enjoy your slice of Heaven.

Learn about selecting, planting and enjoying TREES AND BUSHES as they become beautiful every year with their blossoms, fruit, colorful leaves and berries. You can also choose evergreen trees and shrubs so that you have a wide range of colors, shapes and designs in your garden year around.

Valuable information is also included on compost, fertilizer, mulch, weeds, disease and where you can find bargains and FREE PLANTS.

It requires little or no maintenance for your garden to look beautiful year around if you follow the directions in “Easy Gardens A to Z.” Guided by the table of contents, you will readily find answers to all your questions: from designing and preparing your garden to reaping your harvest.

Easy Gardens A to Z is the only book you need as each page is filled with a wealth of ideas and directions on how to create your own little slice of paradise.



About the Author
Rose White Author Rose White has been a gardener since she was a child. She successfully designed a low maintenance flower garden in Philadelphia, PA, which blooms 12 months a year in the shade. Easy Gardens A to Z answers all your questions so that your yard will be beautiful all year!



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