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by Ted Gagne, DVM

266 pages
A succinct summary of the many challenges that threaten our nation.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
Gagné's letter to his grandchildren is a succinct summary of the many challenges that threaten nation. His letter is a unique blend of political insight, ancient wisdom, philosophy, and the key role moral and ethical guidelines play in the nations well being. He unabashedly faults president Obama for his failed policies, his radical political appointments, and his obsession with political power to the detriment of the entire nation. He especially faults Obama for his divisive and dangerous appeal to voters based on their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, union member versus nonunion member and affluent versus poor.

Dr. Gagné believes the country should focus on stability rather than growth and he makes a compelling argument for his view. He forces readers to look beyond the emotional drumbeats for immigration and growth and consider the long-term consequences they portend for the nation.

Dr. Gagné outlines the fiscal and economic war the Democrats and the president are waging against American youth. Democratic legislators controlled both houses of Congress from January 2007 to January 2011. During those years, they ignored the financial plight of Social Security and Medicare. It will cost trillions of dollars more now to stabilize them than had they acted in 2007. The delay has also cost younger Americans trillions of dollars in lost future benefits. Citizenship for the illegal population will also increase the cost of our social welfare care programs by unknown trillions. The president's health care bill threatens to be a budget buster. These costs pose an unconscionable burden for young Americans.

Dr. Gagné believes we must demand more of ourselves and less of government if we hope to restore our economic and spiritual vitality. He fears the growing dependence on a government check, which the Democrats pursue with unbridled passion, will inevitably undermine personal integrity with all its ugly consequences. In that vein he outlines how the absence of ethical and moral guidelines in the halls of Congress contributes to the financial crisis that threatens the country.

Things That Need To Be Said compares health care in the United States with health care in Canada and Great Britain. It outlines how race influences decisions in the Department of Justice and why Obama's payoffs to organized labor pose serious long-term consequences for our country. One chapter is devoted to stability rather than growth and why stability is a better choice for the future. This chapter, like the chapter on immigration, challenges preconceived notions that are widely held by the electorate. Gagné covers the uniquely valuable role the wealthy play in our society. He also outlines why Obama’s desire to reduce the deductibility of their charitable deductions will be detrimental to the electorate and what this suggests about the presidents lust for a bigger government.

Things That Need To Be Said offers a cogent analysis of the challenges we face and what it will require of the electorate to meet and overcome those challenges.



About the Author
Dr. Gagne’s abiding interest in national politics and the affairs of state surfaced at age nine. He earned a BS and a DVM at Michigan State University, and a M. Sc. in Pathology at Ohio St. University. He owned two successful veterinary practices. He ran for Congress in 1978.



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