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by Robert Fortin

362 pages
Cyber-terrorists bring the mid-East to the brink of nuclear war.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Retired from the US Marine Corps, Jake Savidge moves to Crystal River on the Florida Gulf Coast, where he builds a house and sets up his charter sailing business. His idyllic lifestyle changes when he is summoned to Kuwait to assist a former service buddy, Roy Scarpone, establish a program to protect that country's offshore oil wells from terrorist attacks.

Following an attack on a British Petro-Chemical oil platform off the cast of Nigeria, Jake is pressed into service to assist Dr. Jan Kendrick of the EPA determine how it was carried out. A terrorist group calling itself Bismillah lays claim to the attack and makes demands that would result in the abandonment and ultimate destruction of Israel.

When intelligence agencies fail to determine who is behind the attacks on oil platforms, President Tom Warner asks Jake to return to Kuwait to seek help from OPEC members. This soon leads to a suspicion of all those benefiting from unrest in the mid-East. Members of Bismillah, believing Savidge is getting too close to learning their identities, plot to stop him, which uncovers a conspiracy at the highest levels of Government.



About the Author
Robert Fortin resides in Central Florida and is a native of Newport RI and a graduate of URI. Following assignments in the Far East with the US Marine Corps, he served as an Officer and Director of companies providing products and services in Marine Science, Offshore Oil and Marine Construction.



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