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THE STORYTELLERS: Atlantis - Book Two by Rebecca McKinsey

THE STORYTELLERS: Atlantis - Book Two

by Rebecca McKinsey

158 pages
"This place knew no limit of land or sea."

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Storytellers Hannah and Aaron have seen quite a few battles, and more than enough monsters to keep the average imagination occupied. Though the first key to the Door of Exile is safe inside the train station, the rest remain hidden throughout the multiverse. To keep the Shadow from completing his dark designs, they must find each key before he does, and thus prevent his controlling yet another piece of the cosmos. The keys, disguised as ordinary objects, are the only force that can open the door, and the only force that will make sure the Shadow is convicted of his crimes against the council, who he betrayed and imprisoned.

The Heroes are off to search the seafaring city of Atlantis, in the old country of Midorein. Excitement grows as Carson, the simulated train station attendant, informs them that Atlantians know about the Storytellers and will be willing to help them look for the key. Yet, there's some strange storm brewing at the edge of the map, which threatens to complicate the plan in more than just opening the mysterious door in the library.


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About the Author
Rebecca McKinsey is a freelance novelist who was born in a town, raised in the country, and is living in the city, but spends most of her time in places that don't exist. She is a lover of words and drinker of tea but, most notably, a storyteller.



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