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Song of the Conquerors by Raanan Geberer

Song of the Conquerors

by Raanan Geberer

108 pages
Three young people are caught up in a troubled future

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
In the year 2030, after a war involving dirty bombs, much of the world is decimated. In many places, governments have been replaced by super-gangs jockeying for power. Three young people -- a high achiever from California with a seamy underside, a troubled loner from Romania by way of North Carolina with a love of warfare, and a restless, lonely female artist from Japan by way of New York -- find themselves fighting for one of the forces, as they're called.

After the appearance of a mysterious spiritual leader called the Healer, wars are restricted to indoor locations at night, but they happen nonetheless. After a pivotal battle in an abandoned building, two of them die, while the other survives and becomes a celebrity, just to die in an accident several years later.

Forty years later, they find themselves reincarnated, in different parts of the world, with some similarities to their earlier personas but also some differences. In the meantime, the environmental degradation of the world has continued, with floods wiping out parts of Manhattan and earthquakes destroying much of California. One of our trio finds himself in the now-fashionable Bronx, New York; a second lives in Indiana; and the third lives in the new Jewish republic of Khazaria, on the Caspian Sea.

In high school, all read about the Battle of Sarajevo -- the one in which two of them met their deaths in their previous incarnation. They all have extreme emotional reactions. Two are fascinated, while the third can't bear to read about it, and they don't know why.

Eventually, entering college, they get caught up in a youth history craze in which young people re-enact characters from different historical eras, often with unintentionally comic effects. After a series of amusing coincidences, the three characters finally meet at a convention of the Friends of History, as the group calls itself, in Boston.

Suddenly, while eating together, they find themselves face to face with the Healer and his four Archangels, who give them a mission. Their assignment is to represent the civilized world in negotiations with a group of sadistic outlaws who are a combination of Al Capone, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan all put together!



About the Author
Raanan Geberer is a journalist who grew up in New York City and currently works as managing editor for a local newspaper. He lives in Chelsea with his wife, Rhea, and cat, Bonnie. He has a keen interest in history, politics and religion, and has played in several rock bands.



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