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BARNSTORMING: Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger by Scott Westover

BARNSTORMING: Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger

by Scott Westover

108 pages
Making the decision to live as a pilot, not a passenger

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Category: Business:Management
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About the Book
Barnstorming – Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger

Taking control of your life starts with making the decision to live as a pilot instead of a passenger. A pilot’s ability to fly comes from the knowledge and skill to manage the relationships between gravity, lift, drag and thrust. Your ability to soar comes from the same place.

Recognizing these forces at work in your life will clarify your “flight plan,” leaving you with fewer distractions, crystal clear priorities, and the confidence that comes from being in control. Scott Westover shares pages from his pilot logbook to unlock the secret of control that pilots have used for more than a century. By applying lessons learned in the cockpit to life on the ground, Scott Westover kicks open the door to extraordinary success. Be sure your seatbelt is fastened and prepare for takeoff.



About the Author
Scott Westover Scott Westover is a life-long student of leadership and strategy. He holds an MBA in Leadership and is an alumnus of Leadership New Hampshire. Scott is a pilot and aviation enthusiast and has written extensively about aviation. He is a former editor of Sport Aerobatics magazine and lives in New Hampshire, USA, with his wife and three children.



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