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The Whores of Proteus by Larry Bristol

The Whores of Proteus

by Larry Bristol

292 pages
Planetary Sheriff must solve ritualistic murders and catch serial killer.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Sheriff Deryk Douglas had a problem. His beloved grandfather had been forced to retire as Sheriff of Proteus IV when, like so many others before him, he had failed to solve a series of brutal and mysterious homicides. While still a small boy, he had promised his grandfather he would grow up to become Sheriff himself, and would solve those mysteries.

As he looked upon the lacerated body of a miner named Dallas Caldwell, his challenge was laid out clearly before him. This was the ninth victim in a series of legendary murders occurring over a period of nearly a century. None of these murders had ever been solved, and no one had even the slightest hint. Not unless you considered that damn legend.

According to the legend known throughout the galaxy as The Whores of Proteus, the murders had been committed by the ladies working at The Lucky Lady Ranch, a brothel just outside the town of Red Hill. While his grandfather did not solve the murders, he assured Deryk it was impossible that those ladies were involved.

One thing was certain these monstrous murders were done with a purpose in mind. The problem was no one knew what that purpose could possibly be. And now, as he contemplated the body of Dallas Caldwell, he knew it was up to him to solve this riddle and uncover the means, motive, and opportunity.



About the Author
Larry J. Bristol grew up in Bryan, a small town in central Texas. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1972 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Today, he earns his primary living as a systems software architect, arranging zeros and ones into esthetically pleasing patterns.



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