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CHRONICLES OF AN AMERICAN TRUCKER: Which Way is the Road to Happiness? by Cliff Abbott

CHRONICLES OF AN AMERICAN TRUCKER: Which Way is the Road to Happiness?

by Cliff Abbott

168 pages
Trucking anecdotes from life on the American highway.

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About the Book
Ever wondered what it’s like to pilot a 40-ton tractor-trailer across America? Climb in, belt up and ride along as author Cliff Abbott takes you down the road to adventure in Chronicles of an American Trucker; Which Way is the Road to Happiness? A 30-year industry veteran, Abbott has experienced the highway as only a trucker can; accumulating a load of rib-tickling anecdotes along the way.

Experience a ride down treacherous Sandstone Mountain, without brakes. Find out what really happens in those “weigh stations” along the highway. Meet some legendary truck-driving characters, like “Twister,” connoisseur of homely women, and Billy, the shotgun-wielding garbage man. Conduct a little roadside business with “Buford,” the terrible Texas trooper, complete with Smokey-Bear hat, mirrored sunglasses and a sour disposition. Or, chat with “Barney,” the diminutive security guard with a big, big attitude. Enjoy some fried chicken gizzards and strawberries while stirring up trouble on the Citizens Band radio. But, once you’re parked, be careful when you answer that knock on the door. It might be one of those truck-stop prostitutes, known to drivers as “Lot Lizzards.”

Come on into the office for a whole ‘nother perspective of the American trucker. Learn what the job is really like, on-duty and off. Hear some of the incredible excuses offered by the few prospective drivers who don’t make it past the drug test, including “Merle,” the love-crazed student. Chuckle at the sometimes adversarial relationship between drivers and dispatchers, or drivers and recruiters.

Like the job, “Chronicles of an American Trucker” isn’t all laughs. There’s some serious advice, too, about how a driver can, and should; check his or her own background before applying for a job. There’s commentary that will make you angry at the unfair treatment of truckers mandated in the current CSA program by the U.S. government. You might even shed a tear for a young lady walking on a cold, cold night.

When you reach the last page, you’ll know what every trucker knows; the joy is in the journey.



About the Author
Cliff Abbott Cliff Abbott has experienced America's trucking industry from the backroads to the front office, passing his knowledge on to thousands as teacher and author. His articles have appeared in numerous trucking magazines Abbott still maintains a Commercial Drivers License.



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