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Kin: From Revolution to Evolution in Reuniting the Peoples of America by Zachary Comeaux DO

Kin: From Revolution to Evolution in Reuniting the Peoples of America

by Zachary Comeaux DO

404 pages
A historical romance carrying frontier/colonial Virginia into contemporary times.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Kin is a researched retelling of the Virginia side of the beginning of the American Revolution with a Shawnee Indian bias. A spiritualist theme conveyed through dreams gives contemporary characters access to the experience of their ancestors. But history repeats itself and those figures find themselves involved in a political intrigue of global scale. An action romance, Kin conveys a humanistic view of history and current American foreign policy without being dry.

History is never as it appears in coventional texts. In a sense, the work is a researched retelling of the process of colonization and the American from an alternative point of view.

As the tale is told, the stage is the West Virginia and Ohio terrain no which the action is decribed, authentically portrayed, reflecting significant parts of the history of these regions. Those familiar with these areas will find recognizable points of interest.

The life of the main character, an osteopathic Emergency Medicine resident, is faithfully portrayed for those who have an interest in medicine.

The book is fun, fair, and pushes reconsiliation over conflict.



About the Author
Zachary Comeaux DO Zachary Comeaux is a physician/educator with an background and interest in history, social justice, nature and ethnic diversity. Born in Philadelphia he has spent most of his adult life in rural areas. Currently he practices and is a medical educator in West Virginia as well as teaching osteoapthic medicine abroad.



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