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SUNSET PARK by Albert Tiseo


by Albert Tiseo

320 pages
Sunset Park is an action thriller about crime, selfishness and the will to survive.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
This crime story has its basis in fact. Being at the wrong place and time poses serious consequences as two teenage boys witness a brutal murder along the Brooklyn waterfront.

One teenager works for a sadistic mobster while the other is kidnapped by a serial killer who is also a member of the mobster's crew.

The action revolves around selfish ambitions, money, power and the will to survive against the forces of circumstance.

The characters battle for self-preservation and the will to prevail while others show no mercy or human compassion for the unintended and intended victims.

It is not a story for the faint of heart and pans the depths of human depravity, greed, and control.



About the Author
Albert J. Tiseo is the author of five novels, numerous short stories and poems. SUNSET PARK received an award in the 79th Annual Writer's Digest Competition for Mainstream Fiction. Albert's stories are influenced by his personal history; growing up in hardscrabble neighborhoods in Italy and New York, traveling to Cuba and working in the construction industry. He splits his time between New York and Florida, where he's currently working on his sixth novel.



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