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The Blueberry Solution by Allen Argyle

The Blueberry Solution

by Allen Argyle

130 pages
A survival strategy better than gold in hard times

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About the Book
The Blueberry Solution is the story of distilling in America and also the story of money and how we got into our present economic predicament. Itís part cookbook and part how-to manual but mostly itís a strategy for survival.

Thanks to the 24/7 news cycle, everyone is well aware of all of the possible natural and man made disasters that threaten us today. Any one, or a combination of them, could easily result in a total collapse of our just-in-time delivery and flow-through-production systems. These systems maximize profits but any interruption in them can also lead to bare shelves in a matter of days. The prudent among us recognize this fact and are making survival plans.

Once we have enough food, water and medical supplies, our plans invariably turn to gold as a hedge against runaway inflation and for barter. Gold may be a great investment for rich folks but it takes a lot of money that most regular folks just donít have. Gold also has some potential problems. As an investment, it doesnít pay any dividends and when you eventually sell, you get back inflated dollars that you must then reinvest. If you invest in gold funds (ETFís) you may not even be buying actual gold, and if you buy actual gold they say that you should store it overseas, where it wonít help you very much.

If you are forced to use gold for emergency bartering, itís hard to value and trade, for instance letís say that you have a one-ounce gold coin that is now worth $5000 in paper money and you need a bottle of aspirin or a loaf of bread, making change will certainly be a problem. But the main problem for many is that you simply canít eat gold if everything goes down the tubes!

A better investment that requires less capital and offers better survival insurance is an ancient tool called a still. A good still allows you to control the means of production of a basic commodity that is widely accepted in trade, and it is a far better investment than gold or silver if you have a limited budget. By all means, buy precious metals if you can afford them, but consider that throughout history, people made and used home-distilled spirits for their own consumption, as medicine and as money.

Almost everyone will accept good spirits in exchange for goods or services. Imagine if you will that a survivor of a societal collapse might want a drink after a long hard day of dodging looters and searching for supplies.

ďWhiskey had more spending power than paper moneyĒ in Colonial America and whiskey could again become money if our government continues to spend money we donít have.

The Blueberry Solution is one of the best ways to assure your survival, should the worst happen, and it is cheap insurance against a disaster.



About the Author
Allen Argyle Allen Argyle writes about survival and self-reliance. There are many natural and man-made disasters that threaten America today. In his current book; The Blueberry Solution, he explains how the right still (and the ability to use it), is a great investment in hard times, even better than gold or silver.



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