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Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance by Peter Sacco

Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance

by Peter Sacco

196 pages
Spiritualism, cognitive therapy and law of attraction to treat addictions.

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
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About the Book
SWEET ACCEPTANCE VERSUS BITTER RESISTANCE is a book for anyone who suffers from addiction, contends with bad habits, possesses negative thinking patterns, or is held captive by their addictive personality.

Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques along with the 8 Beatitudes found from the Holy Bible, this book breaks new ground in combining psychology with spirituality for overcoming addiction. Furthermore, it employs the principles from the law of attraction, teaching individuals how to become what they most want to be in life, as well as showing them how to receive what they want!

Anyone desiring to develop new positive thinking patterns should definitely read this book. Once you apply the principles in the book, you will definitely be on the road to recovery, as well finding the "you" that you have been looking for!

Very highly rated and accepted by individuals going through various 12 step programs, individual counseling as well as people with no addictions support.


New York Times Bestselling Author Robert A. Schuller: "For Years, Peter has been using his cognitive training skills and blending them with the 'Beatitudes.' The results of blending science with the words of Jesus has truly had amazing results. No surprise. What is a gift to humanity is that today he is sharing his secrets with you in this insightful book."

Dr. Harry Fisch (radio show host NY/seen on Dr. Oz Show) Dec. 14, 2011: "Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance is a very informative and helpful book that looks at addictions and habits from a variety of approaches."

Ashley Sather Writer/Producer for Dr. Harry Fisch Radio Show: "SWEET ACCEPTANCE VERSUS BITTER RESISTANCE is best described as an equal opportunity self-help book!"

William D. (in recovery A.A.): "An absolute must read for anyone with an addiction or really bad habit. Also, great if you are in Al-Anon or have a family or friend coping with an addiction. This book really works! It is the first of its kind to offer hope for anyone with addiction by covering every possible way for recovery instead of focusing on just one approach and shunning people away!"

Elena Marouletti (WNYE-FM, New York City Public Radio “Aktina FM”) Dec. 17, 2011: "A excellent, unique approach to treating addictions and bad habits, as well as creating positive thinking!"

Charlie Hicks (KAFF Radio, Flagstaff/Phoenix AZ) "A good book for helping you deal with addictions, habits and for setting new years resolutions."

Kim Iverson(Your Time With Kim Iverson--Nationally Syndicated Radio Show) "A great book for helping with co-dependency issues and understanding yourself better!"



About the Author
Peter is an author, psychology professor and former private practitioner. He is the author of many international popular selling books. He is also former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being, and author of more than 500 magazine articles. Peter lectures at universities in both the USA and Canada. He specializes in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, sports psychology and mental health.



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