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Her Decision: A Journey Into Bondage by HR Moody

Her Decision: A Journey Into Bondage

by HR Moody

116 pages
Meet Jeannie, who secretly longs to be a bondage slave. Meet Darla a mysterious woman plotting a daring journey to bring Jeannie to a decision that will change her life forever.

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Category: Erotica
About the Book
This is a story of Jeannie, a young, successful career woman. On the surface Jeannie appears to have everything under control. The perfect job, perfect home and the perfect husband. Inside she struggles desperately with her fears of being unfulfilled, by her work, her marriage and her sexual life. Frustrated with her "Plane Jane" life, she frequently slips into a fantasy world where she finds excitement in playing the role of a sexual submissive, a bound and helpless slave.

At first her fantasies fill a void in her boring existence. They both frighten and excite her. But as their intensity increases they begin to take control of her life. She begins a desperate search to regain control. But does she really want to? This is, after all, still a dream world, isn't it? Does she want to rid herself of them, or make them real?

Unfortunately for her she lacks the courage to take action.

One day at work she accidentally stumbles upon a co-workers dark secret. Darla, a mysterious young woman lives a secret life-style of fetishism and bondage.

Jeannie is at first repulsed by what she sees as the "Dark Side" of bondage.But Darla is patient and takes the naive young woman under her wing and begins to teach her about "Love Bondage". She exposes her lifestyle to Jeannie and agrees to train her in the pathway to reach her sexual fulfillment. Jeannie is an eager student and in her lust for more often learns too much to fast. One thing is clear however, though she can see what she wants, she still lacks the courage to make the commitment.

Together the two women plan a daring and dangerous journey that will bring Jeannie to the point of no return, and a decision that will change her life …forever.

"Her Decision" is far more than just a lustful erotic work. It will take you on an emotional journey filled with fear and elation, mystery and passion. It is a roller coaster ride that will cinch you in the tight bonds of anticipation and bring you to the crest of your seat. Bound, gagged, ready and willing for the turn of the next page.

"Her Decision" is a book focussed on bondage and sexual situations. It is designed to appeal to the reader looking for the erotic, not explicit pornography. It revolves around a central submissive character that is female. Most readers will easily identify with her and share in her feelings. The bondage is detailed for the BDSM enthusiast.

The sexual situations are tastefully done and highly erotic. They will appeal to the reader who wants more than the old scenes where the couple disappears behind closed doors and we have to "use our imaginations," but don't want the explicit detail of sex found in other books.

This is a "Romantic Adventure" with a well-detailed story, complex, real life characters and enough mystery and energy to hold any reader's imagination.

I truly hope you enjoy every minue of it.


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About the Author
HR Moody is a life long resident of theMidwest. His conservative upbringings did not quelch his imagination or his interest in the Erotic art form. He wrote Romantic Erotic novels with an erotic flair for years to entertain his close friends. Their Encouragement led to Her Decision, his first published work



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