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WAKING UP TO THE LOVING WORLD OF SPIRIT: A Journey Through the Matrix of Life and Death by Linda Bocanegra

WAKING UP TO THE LOVING WORLD OF SPIRIT: A Journey Through the Matrix of Life and Death

by Linda Bocanegra

126 pages
Embrace your miraculous spirit and experience amazing joy, peace and abundance.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Author Linda Bocanegra shares her profound spiritual guide with people who are looking for internal peace and spiritual connectedness during lifeís hardships. It covers a spiritual journey through the matrix of life and death which explains how to lift the burdens of this world by utilizing your spirit. This book can help transform a life of frustration, guilt, worries and suffering to one of joy, internal peace and abundance.

In 2000, Linda Bocanegra experienced a very traumatic situation, the sudden death of her son. Left dazed and confused, it turned her life around and inspired her to do in-depth research on lifeís processes, death and the afterlife, which she writes about. She identified that the most common question people ask when a tragedy happens is "Why is this happening to me?" Due to her curiosity, studies and painful endurance, she gained incredible insight to why things happen when they do. She explains in simple terms how to connect with oneís spirit to feel comfortable with life's distresses and how not to worry or over analyze events.

Through her revelations, she shares her astonishing personal experiences and eight years of research relating to God, death, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, philosophies, near-death experiences and the afterlife, including her own intimate conversations with God. Her findings were mysterious, profound, extraordinary and joyous. She unexpectedly became conscious of Godís spirit, which had been dormant inside her for the majority of her life. She clarifies various mysteries that have left many baffled for years and why such profound information becomes known to only a few.

Out of devastation and trauma, she enlightens the reader on how to live a life of peace and abundance. She also distinguishes the incredible differences between an invisible force at work that supersedes the human mind and all technology, which she calls God, and the human ego, which people identify with the most and causes suffering.

The bookís message clearly states how to realize and utilize your spirit and understand how traumatic events are also blessings that help strengthen the internal areas of us that are weak. Her sonís death awakened an internal library that holds many answers man has questioned on how to live in the present moment while on an eternal journey. The death of her son encouraged her to share with others the truths of how we must live blamelessly in order to make the most of our life here on Earth and look forward to a joyful afterlife.

With her incredible spiritual insight and wisdom, Linda Bocanegraís writings will help you view life through the eyes of your spirit so you can humbly accept your own life path, as well as others. Whether you're trying to overcome a tragedy, will be facing one in the future or are just curious about the world of spirit and how it plays a role in our everyday life, this remarkable book will help provide the comforting information you need to know.



About the Author
Linda Bocanegra Linda Bocanegra was born and raised in Lampasas, TX and now lives in Twin Lakes, WI. She enjoys spending time with her children and studying about the mind of God. She teaches self-awareness classes and her passion is to nurture and empower people through the discovery of their own spirituality.



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