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Aliens and UFOs: Physical, Psychic or Social Reality? (Third Edition) by Randal Montgomery, Ph.D.

Aliens and UFOs: Physical, Psychic or Social Reality? (Third Edition)

by Randal Montgomery, Ph.D.

620 pages
History of UFO sightings, close encounters, alien abductions, flying saucers, hoaxes exposed, coverups, propulsion systems, psychological aspects of abductees, one abduction case that would stand up in court, science fiction influence, USOs.

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Category: UFOs And Extraterrestrials
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About the Book
This comprehensive book, written and updated over a period of 43 years with hundreds of references, will appeal to both beginners and experts, skeptics and believers, as well as to fans of Science-Fiction, aviation, students of Psychology, Sociology, Psychiatry plus those interested in psychic experiences and those interested in NASA, CIA and US military coverups of UFO evidence.

Foreword by Nick Pope, of Britain’s “X files”.

Topics include:

summary of findings and evidence from 75 years of UFOlogy;
dozens of classic and recent cases which still defy skeptical explanations;
13 famous cases that have been explained or exposed as hoaxes;
many government coverups;
possible Nazi-Roswell-Avro-CIA connections;
psychic aspects, Carl Jung etc.;
Hysterical Contagion (Mass Hysteria);
the Rendlesham Forest case (triangular craft seen, touched and sketched by a US Air Force security sergeant, and witnessed taking off from the forest by him and another);
the famous Roswell case;
Shag Harbour USO case and other USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) cases;
Belgium case;
the recent shoot down of a UFO in Pentyrch England – beginning of a human-alien war?
the huge subliminal influence science-fiction movies, TV shows, books, and comics have had on UFO sightings and encounters;
origin of the Men in Black;
missing time;
the technology of flying saucers, including possible propulsion systems;
airships of 1890-1912: mass hysteria, UFOs or actual early dirigibles (Zeppellns)?
The religion aspect (aliens function as a new mythology / belief system for many);
witches (yesteryear's aliens?)
Angels v. Aliens;
recent US Navy sightings and disclosure in the US and other nations;
the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and Luis Elizondo, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (2020) Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (2021).


(a) UFO Neurosis - a new psychiatric diagnosis for some people who believe that they have been kidnapped by space aliens;
(b) Some “alien abductions” are actually "screen memories" of sexual assaults, usually committed by family members or trusted friends;
(c) Above applied to the famous Barney and Betty Hill case and to a few others;
(d) A different hypothesis applying psychologist Julian Jaynes' 1976 theory about the bicameral mind to "experiencers" to suggest that some have bicameral brains like everyone did 4000 years, according to Jaynes;
(e) One case that would stand up if it were tried at court (Pascagoula Mississippi).



About the Author
The author has various university degrees and is a practicing attorney. He has taught statistics, research methods, sociology, deviant behavior, criminology, law, and social problems courses at colleges and universities in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. He has published in scholarly journals dealing with criminology, migration, and social psychiatry.



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