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ALIENS and UFOs: Physical, Psychic or Social Reality? by Randal Montgomery PhD

ALIENS and UFOs: Physical, Psychic or Social Reality?

by Randal Montgomery PhD

498 pages
UFOs and aliens analyzed via psychology, sociology, anthropology, social psychiatry

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Category: Social Science:Forklore And Mythology
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About the Book

This comprehensive book will appeal to many, from beginners to experts, skeptics to believers, as well as students of Psychology, Sociology, Science-Fiction, and those interested in psychic experiences. Foreword by Nick Pope, of Britain’s “X files”. Chapters include: Angels v. Aliens; Nazi-Roswell-Avro-CIA Connections; Sociology of UFOlogy; Popular Culture influences (Science Fiction); The Psyche: Jung, Hysterical Contagion, Kugelblitzs, Earth Lights; Rendlesham Forest case; Alien Abductions - A Historical-Psychological Analysis; Summary of Findings from sixty years of UFOlogy.

Issues covered include:
A. BEST AND WORST UFO CASES. A summary of the top half dozen "bad cases" (mostly hoaxes or otherwise explained) and the top half dozen which still cannot be explained and may be good evidence of ultra high performance alien space craft. Various other explanations for UFOs are discussed and sixty years of UFOlogy are critically summarized.
B. RENDLESHAM FOREST REALITY. Why this 1980 three day incident is one of the very best to support the ETH. A triangular flying craft was seen, touched and sketched by a US Air Force security sergeant, and was witnessed taking off from the forest by him and another.
C. ROSWELL MYTH. Why the Roswell 1947 UFO crash and alien corpses event was a myth, (also how the Men in Black myth got started). So much effort is spent keeping the myth alive (mostly for profit) that it detracts from the many better documented cases such as Rendlesham, Shag Harbor, Belgium.
D. ABDUCTIONS. (a) UFO Neurosis - a new psychiatric diagnosis for some people who believe that they have been kidnapped by space aliens; (b) Some “alien abductions” are actually "screen memories" of sexual assaults, usually committed by family members or trusted friends; (c) Above applied to the famous Barney and Betty Hill case and to a few others; (d) A different hypothesis applying psychologist Julian Jaynes' 1976 theory about the bicameral mind to "experiencers" to suggest that some have bicameral brains like everyone did 4000 years, according to Jaynes.
E. The huge subliminal influence science-fiction movies, TV shows, books, and comics have had on UFO sightings and encounters.
F. The "nuts and bolts" (aviation) angle on flying saucers and comparisons to the airships sighted 1890-1912.
G. The religion aspect (aliens function as a new mythology/belief system for many)
H. Witches (yesteryear's aliens?)



About the Author
The author has various university degrees and is a practicing attorney. He has taught statistics, research methods, sociology, deviant behaviour, criminology, law and social problems courses at colleges and universities in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. He has published in scholarly journals dealing with criminology, migration, and social psychiatry.



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