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Why Women Want What They Can't Have by Peter Sacco

Why Women Want What They Can't Have

by Peter Sacco

224 pages
Understanding why you keeping picking the mates you do!

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Why Women Want What They Can't Have and Men Want What They Had After It's Gone!

With a divorce rate in North America of 50% and with more than 50% of men and women committing infidelity in any relationship they've ever been in, what gives? When will the insanity and dysfunction end in marriages, relationships...even friendships? Something has got to give, but when?

Peter Andrew Sacco's international popular selling book Why Women Want What They Can't Have and Men Want What They Had After It's Gone! has been re-released in the USA after taking off in Australia and India.

This book discusses the world of gender differences and how they impact relationships and marriages. Peter Sacco, Ph. D., examines and discusses: Why do women continually settle for less than ideal mates? Why are so many men threatened by changes in relationships? Why do women take back cheaters and abusers? Why are the differences in gender communication between women and men still so great? Why do men in good relationships feel the need to cheat?

Sacco has appeared on many television talk shows and in media discussing this self-help book to the praises of many professionals and readers alike.

"Peter, this book is excellent...Excellent! In my opinion, a book that should be a must read for anyone trying to understand relationships!", Joe Mayer, Supervising ADR Editor from the box office smash movie Pretty Woman.

"One of the best books I have read on the dynamics of relationships. A reading must for anyone who desires a healthy, well-balanced and satisfying relationship...surely that's everyone," Stephanie Nielsen, M.Ed., teacher for 30 years.



About the Author
Peter is an author, psychology professor and former private practitioner. He is the author of many international popular selling books. He is also former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being, and author of more than 400 magazine articles. Peter lectures at universities in both the USA and Canada. He specializes in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, sports psychology and mental health. He has received the Award of Excellence in Teaching. He is also a regular resident expert on several television programs, having himself hosted the show Mental Health Matters for 2 years.



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