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ENCOUNTER by Craig R. Thorne


by Craig R. Thorne

184 pages
It's a visionary, metaphysical tour-de-force of reality!

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
Since time immemorial humankind has pondered the various perplexing questions of existence. We wonder where we have come from, why we are here, if there is any purpose to living and what our role is to be in all of this.

In this book a young, bright physicist has decided to ride his motorcycle to Mt. Shasta, in northern California, from his home outside of Sacramento. He has always wanted to climb to the top of the fabled mountain, and on this clear summer day he intends to finally achieve his goal.

However, soon after he begins his trek he meets a somewhat unusual elderly man who bids him a cheery good morning. Jerran replies in kind, but the man seems to want to continue the conversation, and does so with some odd, intriguing comments and questions.

Impatient to keep climbing, but even more curious, Jerran decides to pause briefly to indulge the old fellow, for there still will be enough time to complete his climb.

But unknown to Jerran, he will stay much longer.

The man Jerran comes to know as "Kiralaine," and soon Jerran is drawn into a conversation he cannot convince himself to leave.

The man does not appear to be from this Earth, at least according to the staggering things he speaks about. Jerran is somewhat apprehensive, but is mesmerized by the topics of conversation, for the two speak of mysteries that have long haunted and interested Jerran, as well as most everyone else.

By the time the two finally part, they have spoken of such topics as God, space and matter, the nature of time, the reasons we have health problems, how we create our own realities, religions and their meanings, ancient history and even aliens and UFOs. Can all this be true?

Finally,a stunned Jerran slowly heads toward home while a little girl named Kira Laine, high up on Mt. Shasta, waves an unseen farewell.



About the Author
Craig is a writer, educator, and counseling psychologist with graduate degrees in Science and English teaching. An Army veteran (meteorologist at White Sands Missile Range) and Mensa member, he has been published in several magazines, enjoys desert hiking, and resides in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.



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