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JOSHUA'S LESSONS: Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World by Linda Wojcik

JOSHUA'S LESSONS: Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World

by Linda Wojcik

176 pages
A true story of one mother’s unconventional approach to healing her sensitive child.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Anger, rage, rashes, pain, asthma and inability to focus; these were just a few of the symptoms Joshua experienced. His behavior often resembled that of children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and ODD.

To avoid medical labels and allopathic medicines, Joshua’s Mom searched diligently to discover the causes of his erratic behaviors and physical illness. She soon discovered that toxins were a major threat to Joshua’s health and well being.

Eliminating chemicals in Joshua’s food, water and environment became Mama Woj’s full time job. Beyond the safety of his home lurked a world inundated with poisons; school was no exception.

Joshua's Lessons is a true story of one child's determination to confront the myriad of obstacles that prevented him from healing. Joshua's story will inspire every parent to create that which our children require to be healthy--a toxic free world in which to learn and play.



About the Author
Linda Wojcik Linda Wojcik is a Bach© Flower Practitioner and Spiritual Kinesiologist with thirty years’ experience in alternative healing modalities. She is also Joshua’s mom and continues to teach Joshua’s most powerful lessons--healing ALWAYS begins with organic food, pure spring water and a chemical free environment.



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