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The Murder of Ms Nobody by Don Falgout

The Murder of Ms Nobody

by Don Falgout

203 pages
This story involves love for a woman,justice for indigent.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The Murder Of Ms Nobody is the first of the Matt Henry mystery series. Dr. Henry, a successful Psychologist and Mystery Writer had been invited to return to his home town where he was to be honored as Mount City's Famous Son.

Matt had gone to the cemetery to visit his parents' grave. He heard someone crying across the fence that separated the cemetery from "Potters' Field." It was in the county cemetery that he met little Stanley Wright. He was weeping over his mother's grave. Stanley's mother had been murdered and buried by the county . Her death had been written off as an overdose, and because she was poor it had not been taken seriously, but Stanley could not accept that. He knew how his mother felt about drugs. His brokenness touched Matt and he promised to find out truth for Stanley.

His investigation opened up a series of murders of poor women. The mystery put him into open opposition to the power merchants of the town.

At the event of the city he met a beautiful teacher who had had a tragic loss of love that affected her ability to have a romantic relationship. The two developed into a real love that involved a love not only for each other, but also for what must be done with this child who had no relatives to look after him.

Matt entered into the city for a time of joy. He never could have expected that this visit would impact his life with such lasting effects.



About the Author
Don Falgout is a retired Pastor. He has not only a Masters of Theology Degree, but also was a licensed Pastor Counselor. He began to write after having had surgery for obesity and has lost from over 500 pounds to now 225. He is married to Sheila and has two sons.



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