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PMP®/CAPM® EXAM PREP: A Basic Guide to Activity-On-Node and Critical Path Method by Jayanta DasPurkayastha

PMP®/CAPM® EXAM PREP: A Basic Guide to Activity-On-Node and Critical Path Method

by Jayanta DasPurkayastha

118 pages
PMP® and CAPM® exam guide covering Precedence Diagramming Method/Activity-On-Node

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Category: Business:Management
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About the Book
Project Network Diagrams or Network Logic Diagrams are among the important tools for Schedule Management in a Project Manager’s toolbox. Project Time Management is an important knowledge area in PMI®’s PMBOK® Guide and a must-know area to pass the PMP® or CAPM® exams. In this guide, the focus will be primarily on a specific type of Project Network Diagram called Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) also known as Activity-On-Node (AON). After reading this guide, the reader should be able to answer these questions and many more…

• What is the difference between Free Float and Total Float?
• What is the difference between Duration and Effort?
• What is Start-to-Finish?
• What is Backward Pass?
• What is Critical Path Method and how to use it for critical path analysis?

This guide explains the concepts with illustrated examples with emphasis on special situations. Concepts with solved examples allow reader not only to understand the concepts well but they also provide hands-on ability for the application of these concepts. This will prepare readers well for their exams and serve as a launch pad for advanced study in this area beyond the requirements of the two exams.

Finally, the readers will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and understanding by doing the exercises at the end of the guide and comparing with the detailed step-by-step solutions. The multiple-choice questions are similar in pattern to those in the actual exam.



About the Author
Jayanta is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 15 years of IT experience providing creative software solutions to business customers. He has led and managed small to enterprise-level IT projects, and assisted organizations in implementing and streamlining processes related to Software Development and Project Management.



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