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Whinny From the Heart by Mary Tompsett

Whinny From the Heart

by Mary Tompsett

248 pages
Suddenly homeless, a city woman follows her cowgirl heart.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
On the outskirts of Boston, a young woman awakens to discover her apartment building is on fire. Suddenly homeless, Kitt Burnett struggles to rebuild her life, this time resurrecting a childhood passion for horses. Dirty fingernails and painfully tight boots are the least of her problems while working at a Midwest resort stable because she quickly tumbles off the edge of her naïve, book-based horse knowledge. With hope and humor, Kitt wrestles with the stable's “good ol’ boy” dynamics, as well as with her own sagging confidence. During a summer filled with challenge and self-discovery, she befriends a vulnerable teen, falls for the local farrier, and tangles with a northwoods predator of the two-legged kind.

Unlike many horse stories featuring a competent heroine, Whinny From the Heart takes the reader for a romp with a character whose courage and pluck far outweigh her horse savvy. It's written for readers who enjoy adventure and humor, and for all who love horses—-no matter if their steeds are out nibbling on the fence posts or collecting dust on a curio shelf.



About the Author
Mary Tompsett Mary Tompsett is a humor columnist and playwright. Although raised as a city girl whose horses were plastic and glass, she learned to swing a manure fork with gusto and eventually became a farrier and horse owner. Whinny From the Heart is her first novel.



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