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Extinction by Alfred Alcorn


by Alfred Alcorn

308 pages
Extinction revolves around drastic environmental crises in the near future.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
The year is 2027. Global warming has arrived ahead of schedule with crippling heat, floods, droughts, and mass extinctions. The Asian Brown Cloud has spread across the northern hemisphere making blue skies a thing of the past. Pandemics of poisonous fungi have decimated the world's amphibians and birds. Mammals, including whales, appear to be next as the biosphere implodes.

Caught in the midst of this enveloping ecocide is Harvard toxicologist Helen Michaelson. A mother, a wife, and a leading environmentalist, she finds herself in a struggle to save all that she treasures, including the life of her son Eric, who suffers from a progressive auto-immune disorder.

The worsening environmental crisis and her sonís precarious health are not the only threats with which she must contend. In the course of her work, Helen begins to suspect that colleagues very close to her are involved in a conspiracy with other extreme Greens to depopulate the planet in order to save whatís left of the natural world.

Though tempted to join them, Helen cannot reconcile her fervent hopes for her sonís survival and the dark dream of a world with virtually no people. It is in the crucible of this struggle that she advocates a radically reformed environmentalism. Speaking at a conference in New York, Helen calls on people to work harder for much less.

At that same venue she comes face-to-face with the reality that her colleagues are actively implementing their horrific plans for a final solution on a global scale.



About the Author
The author of eight novels, Alfred Alcorn is the former director of the travel program at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. He is currently at work on a novel titled Sugar Mountain. More information about his life and work is available at his website which is under his name.



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