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DELIA QUEEN & CHANNEL 16 by Tom Gordon


by Tom Gordon

168 pages
Del travels to TV world to rescue her cartoon heroine.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
When 12-year-old Delia Queen has her TV privileges taken away, on her birthday no less, the “number one Sara Slater SuperFan” hatches a plot to watch her heroine reveal the identity of the thief of the precious Ruby of Rum Cay.

Minutes before the show is to begin, however, Sara mysteriously disappears, and her sister Suzy comes to Del looking for help. She and her cousin AJ soon find themselves in the familiar worlds of the characters of Channel 16: The Imagination Station, in the middle of their own investigation to get to the bottom of Sara’s disappearance.

Will Del, thrust into the role of her idol, be able to use her instinct and investigative abilities to find out what happened to Sara? And through doing so, can she help her solve the case?



About the Author
Tom Gordon is a reader, writer, teacher, not-too-bad bass player and student of Reality 101, a course currently being offered by his daughter. Delia Queen & Channel 16 is the first in what he hopes to be a series of Delia Queen mysteries.



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