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THE SHADOW OF DEATH: 90-Day Journal-Devotional from 9/11 by Chaplain P. L. Holder

THE SHADOW OF DEATH: 90-Day Journal-Devotional from 9/11

by Chaplain P. L. Holder

290 pages
A historically personal spiritual journal about facing death from 9/11

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
A book written to inform, remind, comfort and release all who struggle with the events surrounding and the aftermath of 9/11.

Written with a day by day abbreviated history to inform those who were too young or not involved as the events occurred to give a flavor of what our world was going throughout our nation and the continuing impact it had on all who lived in New York and Washington D.C. For others the history is a simple reminder putting the times in perspective as one looks back with thoughts of sadness, sorrow, sympathy and loss.

The book serves as a reminder of all those who came together to offer support; from throughout the United States. We beheld search and rescue, medical personnel, FEMA, Red Cross and a list of varied specialist and professionals who volunteered their time to edify a hurting people.

The author also highlights the overwhelming support that occurred from local business personnel including the common citizen, men and women of the street, who offered time, services and a listening ear; asking how we may help. Many served, with gladness, in many anonymous positions.

It is personal reminder of the countries struggles and the varied personal inter-turmoil many had to deal with. Regrettably, to this day, too many are still dealing with those inner fears, frustrations and concerns. This book is also written with a strong emphasis of these persons in mind.

The author takes a prayer used at the beginning of his service with the National Guard, for this recovery and healing process, to develop 90 day devotional intermingling the history, personal experiences, stories and thoughts of others to offer hope, victory, clarification, and peace for the many still dealing with events from their “Shadow of Death” experience known as 9/11.



About the Author
Chaplain Holder is married to Betty with two grown children. He writes from his time of military service having served from 1966 until 2006. His service includes 10 years enlisted and 30 years as an Army chaplain within the Active forces, Reserves and National Guard.



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