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Home City by Nuala Lyons

Home City

by Nuala Lyons

280 pages
A murderer stalks Cait. She is the next to die.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
A woman's body is discovered in the hotel bedroom with a knife stuck in her chest. Mark Callaghan is first on the scene and Detective Byrne has him marked as his chief suspect. But Mark has only returned to Dublin from New York because of his father's heart attack and reluctantly agreed to manage the family hotel until the situation is resolved. He never knew the woman.

Cait Roche, a solicitor, meets Mark in the hotel and he asks her to help him find the killer. She agrees but unknown to her she is already on the murderer's list. Her apartment is robbed and she tackles the burglar who grabs her hockey stick. He is about to strike her with it when Mark intervenes. They become lovers with the understanding that neither expects their affair to be permanent. When Mark has to return suddenly to Manhattan, his manager has the 'flu, he begs Cait to join him - for two weeks.

They return to Dublin to find both of their apartments have been trashed. Detective Byrne tells Mark he is now off the top of the list of suspects but will not be cleared until he had the murderer behind bars. He warns Mark that he may be in danger from the killer but Cait certainly is and advises him not to leave her alone.



About the Author
Nuala Lyons began writing in women's magazines. She worked with the 'writers in school' education section in Poetry Ireland and served on the board of Children's Books Ireland.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and lives with her husband in Dublin, Ireland.



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