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Winning Created by Todd Howey

Winning Created

by Todd Howey

76 pages
Creating a winning enviroment in business, sport and life.

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Category: Education
About the Book
The principles of teamwork and leadership are applicable to every aspect of living; be it business, sport or life. When teamwork is clicking, you can hear it, see it, feel it, taste it, and smell it. WINNING CREATED will explore all the senses of teamwork and explain how you can create an environment that will allow teamwork to flourish.

Developing teamwork will help you win in life, but more importantly it will help you become a more creative and productive person. Teamwork is simply knowing that you are out there for each other. If you are in a role of leadership or even a member of a team, then this book will benefit you. It will share ideas; pose questions and present challenges that will encourage you to actively engage in getting the most out of yourself and those around you. Humans are selfish; therefore they need to be taught to share and WINNING CREATED is about sharing in accountability and results. If you want to be the best, then learn to push the person next to you to be their best.

You teach people in life two things by your actions and your words, either how to win, or how to lose. So be courageous in your sport, business and life by doing the extra ordinary things needed to create winning, and you will witness first hand WINNING CREATED!



About the Author
Through his vast 30 year experience in dealing with athletic teams, business leaders, coaches and parents, Todd Howey has developed a unique approach to teamwork and personal accountability. He holds a special gift for writing and his ability to creatively express the essentials of leadership and teamwork is simple, engaging, and easily applicable



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