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THE RENO KID - "The Beginning" by Allen Russell

THE RENO KID - "The Beginning"

by Allen Russell

204 pages
Reno Kid, nemesis of crooked politicians of yesterday and today.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
The Reno Kid, “The Beginning” is a western novel with incredible twists and turns that crosses over western, political and environmental genres. Whether you have ever read a western novel in your life, it really doesn’t matter. You will enjoy this one.

A quick and action packed novel, The Reno Kid, “The Beginning”, follows the life of Augustus Alcazar (“The Reno Kid”), a legendary mountain man and brutal old west gunfighter of the 1800s. Well, yes but much more. Growing up in the mountains of the far west, Augustus matures in his character, becoming a hero to the ranchers of northern Nevada and nemesis of the government.

Here is the incredible twist.

After Augustus is shot during a raid on the Paiute Indians, young Augustus experiences an unusual phenomenon. A dream? A transformation? The book takes a left turn and goes from the old 1800 western days, fast forwarding to modern day Nevada.

The Reno Kid appears as a protector of the Palomino Valley and the Reno Kid Ranch in a modern day conflict which continues to amaze. Conflicts with supposed environmentalists and less than honest politicians drive the action forward. Taking us down this path in modern day times, but, handled in an old style western way.

A fictitious conflict whose facts you would not be surprised to read in today’s newspaper. You will not regret this read.



About the Author
Allen Russell Allen Russell is a master story-teller and the recipient of many literary awards. Born in the wrong century, Allen has always been immersed in the American frontier, cowboys, pioneers, wilderness, and history. Allen is also Creative Media Director of Rodeo Bull TV and produces and host the “Lonesome Trails” channel.



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