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Help for Men in Destructive Relationships by Jeff Gibbs

Help for Men in Destructive Relationships

by Jeff Gibbs

243 pages
Help for men in emotionally, physically or verbally destructive relationships.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
About the Book
Help for Men in Destructive Relationships is the first book for men who've gotten the worst of it in a bad marriage. Based on interviews with dozens of men and women, it tells the story of men who have been emotionally, verbally or physically abused by their wives. No new victim book, "Help for Men" also inquires into men's role in the relationship: how they got into it, why they stayed, and what, if any, abuse they dished out. When men had affairs, hit back, or hit the bottle, that's included as well.

Help for Men features twelve stories ranging from Bob in "Thank God and Greyhound," whose wife shot, stabbed and burned him; to Nathan in "A Bitter Taste," whose wife set up an elaborate plan to cover for her secret affairs. Between each story are worksheets to designed to assist men in their recovery. The worksheets are based on twenty years experience facilitating recovery groups and behavior change programs.



About the Author
Jeff Gibbs has over twenty years experience as a counselor and therapist. Gibbs has facilitated dozens of workshops including "Transforming Self-Defeating Behaviors"and "How to Help Men in Destructive Relationships." He organized his first workshop for men in 1980, and co-founded a support group for men that has been meeting for a decade.



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