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The History of Prehistory by Ed Stansbury

The History of Prehistory

by Ed Stansbury

44 pages
This is a humorous and fanciful look at man and how civilization might have begun, written with puns, play-on-words, satirical humor, and illustrated with lively line drawings throughout.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
About the Book
Early ape-man was never late for anything. If he had been late, they would have called him late ape-man. And any untimely monkeying around would have certainly slowed his progress. As he started swinging through the trees, he quickly got tangled in its evolutionary branches. Some changes are good, some changes are not. And then there is man. . .

Leaving the trees, early man recognized, provided a window of opportunity, and he promptly leapt through it. Of course, since this was before the invention of glass, the leap was entirely paneless.



About the Author
Ed Stansbury Ed Stansbury has published over 75 articles and booklets, plus one textbook The Simplified Classroom Aquarium. He lives in Olympia with his wife, Eugenia, Asta the dog, one Martin guitar, one Saga banjo, seven chess sets, two poison arrow frogs, and thousands of tropical fish.



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