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by Ruth Summers

310 pages
Both moving and humorous. A woman's search for self.

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Category: Fiction:Gay
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About the Book
In the late 1950's, Cathy Long is heading toward California with an abandoned dog that she named Rebel, found at her first rest stop. Both have been abused in the past. But now, Cathy and Rebel are traveling Route 66 to fulfill Cathy's dream of working as a artist for Walt Disney.

But in California her life takes an unexpected turn as she tries to run away from a man who promises to kill her. Taking Rebel, her only ally, she goes into hiding by working as a nanny for three small children. The children's beautiful but damaged mother Cyd, is driven to achieve wealth and fame. It is in Cyd's world that Cathy's beliefs, confidence, sexual identity and sanity, begin to crumble.



About the Author
Ruth Summers After working six years as a counselor at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Los Angeles, Ruth earned her Master's Degree in psychology. Then established a private practice as a family therapist in Placerville, CA. Today she enjoys her life as a writer living in the foothills of the Sierras.



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