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by A. R. Alan

178 pages
Three women murder their husbands and roast them in a bonfire.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Fireflies by: A. R. Alan

It’s in the middle of a snowy winter, so why is dense, greasy smoke billowing up from a remote wooded area that’s only frequented by summer vacationers? When the local fire company investigates, lifelong friends, Mary, Emily and Carla scramble to explain what one of the firemen calls “that delicious smell.”

The truth is that it’s Charlie, Mary’s husband, who smells so good. He’s roasting in the roaring fire, but that’s not all. Emily’s and Carla’s husbands have already met the same fate.

But why? In Fireflies, sitting around the blazing bonfire, the three women finally confide in each other, and a spellbinding tale of abuse and sex addiction emerges. You’ll cry with them as they reveal their dark secrets, laugh at their hilarious antics, forgive them their sins, and root for them to escape justice


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About the Author
A. R. Alan A. R. Alan has ten published books to her credit, won awards for her short stories, and has sold comedic material to Joan Rivers. Besides writing, A. R. Alan is proud that she’s helped save thousands of acres of forests in the N.Y. and N.J. Ramapo Mountains.



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