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Recipe to RAISE RESPONSIBLE TEENS by AGE 5 by Kathern Welsh


by Kathern Welsh

67 pages
A Common Sense, Straight forward Guide to Raising Responsible Teens.

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Category: Family
About the Book
Recipe to Raise Responsible Teens by Age 5 is a common sense, straightforward, and very entertaining guide to raising children. It's based on nearly half a century of actual hands- on experience, along with years of observation and self-study.

No Matter what type of parent you are, Married, Single, Divorced, Adoptive or Stepparent, (I have been all of these) this book will help you, or the parents of your grandchildren, to remember the essentials involved in being an effective parent.

Don't let your child be plagued by emotional turmoil, hampered from enjoying a happy, carefree, productive lifestyle.

Responsible Teens is not based on a theory, which existed only in the mind, but instead, it is based on years of actual, on the job experience. The experience that only an actual parent can obtain. This experience was derived over nearly 50 years, from actual interaction with real children. It is the result of experience from the birth of my own children and on through the marriage of the children, and then with grandchildren. Along with the hands-on experience with my own family there has been very close interaction with hundreds of other parents and their children.

This book does not consist of set rules to follow, but rather involves the very "basics" of human interaction. Most of this, I'm sure you are already aware of. Some of this down to earth information might help you to look at things a little differently.

One thing is sure: children are little human beings and we need to be aware of how even seemingly insignificant words or actions can affect them, both now and in the future.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, whether you are married, divorced, single or a step-parent or an adoptive parent, and regardless of whether you are rich or poor, it is still possible to be a responsible parent and help your children to grow into responsible teens. These teens then, will have the chance to become the responsible adults they should be.


I agree with the love, common sense, and straightforward approach that came across to me in reading this delightful book.
- N. Schwan, R.N.
A realistic application of some very basic principles that will help children develop into happy, productive adults. I recommend it highly.
- S. Thompson, Early Childhood Teacher
A neat book... The common sense, logical thinking is so evident as you read through the book.
- G. Sunbury, Teacher



About the Author
Kathern Welsh Kathern Welsh has been an award winning freelance writer for 15 years. She has written for a number of magazines, and was a Contributing Editor to Suite 101 on the Internet. Her column is titled, Women's Health and Herbs. She's also an artist, graphic designer and photographer and designs one-of-a-kind dolls. Kathern's books include: From Hallucinations to Hallelujah; Family Trust (Novel & Screenplay); Much Married, Once Loved; A Life to Choose; Kissing Frogs. Kathern resides in Micco, Florida with her husband, Sonny (a retired jack-of-all trades Mill-Wright and Maintenance Tech).



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