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Swift by Ed Henson


by Ed Henson

352 pages
Three hikers discover a treasure sought after for generations.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Will Morrow, Jennifer Morgan and Ray Deevers make a shocking discovery while hiking on a famous mountain landmark in Kentucky. From this same mountain in 1769 Daniel Boone first saw the beautiful level land the Shawnee called Eskippakithiki. Under a cliff, on a rock, a rough hand carved map of strange markings are discovered along with a silver arrowhead and a dead body. The three set out to solve the meaning of the unusual rock map but difficulty awaits those who try to solve the mystery. Confounded by the strange symbols they seek the help of a local treasure hunter which set them on a path to an amazing discovery. Following the clues, Will and his partners discover some unusual history and unique places along the way. The adventure gets more complicated as each clue is solved, but the young explorers are not prepared for the surprises that await them.



About the Author
Ed Henson Ed Henson has been interested and knowledgeable of Kentucky history and lore for most of his life. This is his first novel though he has written numerous magazine articles over the years. Ed currently resides with his wife, BeLinda, in Frankfort, Kentucky. He is currently working on his second novel.



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