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The Open Tomb: Why and How Jesus Faked His Death and Resurrection by David Mirsch

The Open Tomb: Why and How Jesus Faked His Death and Resurrection

by David Mirsch

500 pages
A re-evaluation of the historical Jesus, his death and resurrection

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About the Book
What is the truth about the historical Jesus?

Christian tradition holds that the historical Jesus was a poor carpenter from Galilee who became an itinerant preacher, prophet and miracle worker of the First Century CE. Christians then and now consider him to be the son of God, but what if the traditions are wrong? What if the main sources of biographical information about him have been misunderstood for the last two thousand years?

The Open Tomb re-examines the historical record about Jesus and discovers that far from being a poor carpenter and preacher, he was the son of a high priest and the scion of two of the wealthiest families in Jerusalem. As the legitimate heir of David and the presumed king of Judea, his mission was not to bring peace to the world as the head of a new religion, but to wield the sword of a nationalistic movement intent on driving the Romans from the land. His agenda was political and his methods were extreme. So committed to freeing his people from Roman oppression was Jesus that he was prepared to risk everything, including his life, to reunify them into a single nation and to re-establish the Kingdom of God, David's kingdom, on earth.

Taken directly from the Gospels, First Century historians, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Open Tomb sheds new light on the historical Jesus, and for the first time in two millennia strips away Christian tradition and exposes the truth.



About the Author
David Mirsch has spent the last ten years researching the historical Jesus from all available sources. He is a husband and father and currently lives in Southern California.



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