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Just Drop It! by David Silberstein

Just Drop It!

by David Silberstein

152 pages
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About the Book
Just Drop It!
How to drop the word and phrases that rob you of your power.
David Silberstein, MSW

What this book is about:

People often unconsciously use words that are disempowering to them. Without knowing it, our use of language can box us into limiting or even negative predicaments – what we blindly call “reality.” In my 25 years of coaching and counseling, I find that these weakening words, when eliminated, establish a paradigm shift that enables us to create the life we choose. By following the practices in this eBook correctly and whole-heartedly, you can transform your life! Drop disempowering words and replace them with words from the New Paradigm Language.

How Words Affect Your Life:

We are the authors of our own lives. We choose – consciously or not – the words we think and say, and that has everything to do with our attitude and approach to life. We create possibility – or its lack – through our words. We create nothing less than our reality. For example, if you say “I can’t” [about anything], then you can’t. Why is this so? Because using “can’t” hides your choice in the matter, avoids responsibility, and diminishes your power. By substituting “I choose not to” (for “can’t”), you are acknowledging that you have choice in the matter. This is how you create your successful reality.

Use this book as your personal coach:
Each week choose one word or phrase from the book to stop using in your conversations. Ultimately, you will replace these words with empowering choices from the New Paradigm Language.

Several times throughout the week, read your selected Dialogue Script accompanying the word or phrase. Ask two people, with whom you spend significant time, to alert you whenever you use the word you have chosen to drop. You might request, for example, “Sam, this week I’m working on dropping ‘can’t.’ If I use this word, I’d appreciate if you’d point it out to me.”

During the week, notice every time someone else uses that word or phrase. Observe the situation in which it is used. Think: Does the word or phrase feel constrictive, inaccurate or evasive? Does it diminish the quality of the communication? If so, notice that the word might be better off dropped.

(For each successive week, choose a different word or phrase to practice dropping.)

Advanced Practice:

OBSERVE each time you use the word or phrase you’ve chosen to drop.
CATCH yourself before it comes out of your mouth.
WATCH yourself thinking it.
In each case, notice how you feel when you use these culprits. Then reconstruct your sentence using New Paradigm Language.

Example: dialogue between you and Joe.

Joe: “Let’s meet for coffee tomorrow.”
You (Old Habit Language): “I can’t. My schedule’s full.”
You (New Paradigm Language): “I’m booked tomorrow; are you free on Thursday?”

Coach’s Analysis: We all use “can’t” indiscriminately, ignoring that it means “unable” or “incapable.” Not only is “can’t” disempowering, but it also is inaccurate. Are you incapable of meeting Joe for coffee? You could reschedule. In any case, you DO have the ability to meet him. Using “can’t” blocks your choice in the matter.

*The Old Habit Language blocks choice.
The New Paradigm Language allows for choice.*

Another suggestion to practice.
READ ALOUD, with another person, the Dialogue Scripts, one playing “Coach” and the other “Client.” Then switch roles. This will sharpen your fluency in New Paradigm Language. Discuss the experience together.



About the Author
David Silberstein David's 25 years of coaching and counselling people of all ages and backgrounds,has produced an ingenious - and very simple approach - to designing and manifesting a fully self-expressed life that matches your dreams. He holds a master's degree in group facilitation and has taught and coached around the world.



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