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CELEBRATION: Stories of the Songs of Christmas by Linda Hargrove-Teets

CELEBRATION: Stories of the Songs of Christmas

by Linda Hargrove-Teets

132 pages
Stories regarding the history of the Christmas songs we sing.

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Category: History
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About the Book
The celebration of Christmas is not complete for most folks without the songs we sing at Christmas. The words and melodies instinctively take us back to our past Christmases and happy times.

Discovering the stories behind our Christmas songs is both enlightening and spiritually uplifting. There are many curious, sometimes mysterious, elements involved in how they became what we sing today. Also, there are periods in history where man's reaction to suppression traveled beyond the heroic to become a battle for his soul.

Words and music came together quickly, simply for some songs while it took years - even hundreds of years in some cases - for others with often many participants and events. Most songs reflect the ideas and customs of their time in history.

This book is a collection of 25 such songs and their stories. From ancient times to present, the stories track people's determination to celebrate Christmas. The time span for the songs chosen for this book is from the 13th to the 20th century.

Another aspect is the instances in which persons of various persuassions have cooperated in the creation of a work that resonated truth to them. This demonstrates that common ground can be found. All it takes is for mankind to listen to each other.

It is a festive book as well, with smiles in each chapter. Comments about Christmas from famous people have been added. Some of them are very funny, most are quite wise and all are fun! Wherever possible within copyright law, musical scores have been added also for the reader's enjoyment.

Even more, nativity scenes by artists of the 15th and 16th centuries have been included. Some are line drawings and some are engravings.

You, the reader, can come away from reading this collection with a sense of hope because each story portrays evidence of God's quiet, patient influence throughout the evolution of these songs. This can assure you that God's order, harmony, and love for man will prevail, even in this current time of turmoil. You can let this book be a light in the dark to guide and inspire you as you look to the future.

As the author, I offer this book as a gift for you - like one lovingly wrapped and placed under the tree. It can be a gift of knowledge, appreciation, and respect. One that can - and hopefully will - be shared with those you love.



About the Author
Linda Hargrove-Teets Linda L. Hargrove-Teets was born and raised in Iowa and now lives in N. California. She is retired from a career in healthcare as a Medical Staff Administrator working - among others - at Stanford University Hospital//Medical Center and the California Medical Association. This is her first book.



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