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Alpha and Omega: Meditations on the Divine Mystery - Volume II by Louis E. Bauer

Alpha and Omega: Meditations on the Divine Mystery - Volume II

by Louis E. Bauer

136 pages
Meditations for spiritual seekers

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
We scan the heavens for a sign of love, a sign of compassion, a sign of meaning for our lives.
We are fragile creatures who need some form of affirmation. We need to know that we are neither alone nor fearfully teetering on the edge of a lifeless abyss. We desperately, indeed anxiously, seek a sign. But the cosmos appears dark and lifeless, unable to offer any hope or promise for us. Even in the glaring daylight of human relationships, we often find that we feel lost and alone in the darkness.

But the universe is marked with—indeed, it is embraced by—the cross of Christ. The cross is the mysterious sign of the Divine, emblazoned across space and time. The cross is the infallible symbol of how much the divine mystery enlightens our lives with its unshakeable love, if we but grasp this cross of Christ in the midst of our darkness.

The meditations in this collection, originally preached to God’s people by the author, offer comfort and hope to world-weary pilgrims. They embrace our loneliness; they offer us a peek at eternity. They show us how to be not only caring people in the world, but sustained, soul-wise and centered in the profound mystery.


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About the Author
Lou Bauer is a retired Lutheran pastor who served congregations throughout the USA. He was a missionary teacher in Ghana and Namibia where he taught pastoral care, homiletics, spirituality and church management. He also served as Dean of Students and Vice Principal at Paulinum Seminary in Windhoek, Namibia.



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