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Charlie's Favorite Angel by Erna Nardi Malave

Charlie's Favorite Angel

by Erna Nardi Malave

21 pages
grief, death, loss, children's books, funerals, children and death, Malave

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Category: Self Help:Grief
About the Book
Charlie is a young boy who has a loving and playful relationship with his Aunt Martha. Aunt Martha lives on an island during the spring and summer months and returns in the fall to live in the city with Charlie, his parents and grandmother.

Charlie eagerly awaits Aunt Martha's return from the island. However, Aunt Martha never returns to Charlie. She dies unexpectedly on the island days before returning to stay with Charlie and his family.

Charlie's mother must find a way to her prepare four-year old son for Aunt Martha's death and the Christian funeral that will soon follow. Charlie learns about death by comparing it to the transition of a butterfly.

His mother tells him about the many feelings he may feel towards Aunt Martha and is taught it is okay to feel feelings of sadness, loneliness and anger.

He learns different simple words associated with Christian funeral procedures and is taught about the various objects and scenes. Charlie is also empowered to decide if he wants to participate in any or all of the funeral procedures. He is given the reassurance of Aunt Martha's spiritual life from a Christian perspective.

The story unfolds with four-year old Charlie experiencing the pain of losing someone he loved while feeling the love and support of his family as they work through the loss of Aunt Martha together. At the end of the story, Charlie grows into an adult whose fond memories of his Aunt Martha are shared with his child.



About the Author
Erna Nardi Malave Erna Nardi Malave, M.Ed., is a licensed professional counselor. She holds degrees in psychology, sociology, and counseling. She has an online counseling business and manages an ICF/MR. Over the past twenty-four years Erna has worked with geriatrics, emotionally disturbed children, and individuals with mental retardation and physical disabilities.



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