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The Map of the Universe by George Arnold Hall

The Map of the Universe

by George Arnold Hall

336 pages
One hundred thousand years, the Dochani is said to live.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Different worlds can be gotten to by either space ship or the mind. The Dochani race can bend space and time with a thought and be anywhere and go anywhere that still exists. Alexandra is of the Dochani race, a race that is said to be able to live in the hundreds of thousands of years. She is to stop another ancient race that lives by devouring worlds, the Fenshian. This race has the possibilities of living as long as the Dochani and many short-lived races on other worlds are threatened with extinction.

The worlds contained within this story are Sevle, Kangle, Primordia, Geh, Nem, Earth 2150, Sortenla, Fenshia, Dochani and a few other side worlds.
While Alexandra only knows about one set of evil devourers, one seven times greater will take the Fenshians' place, the Nemish. In order for the new evil to be fought, each hero/heroine will have to learn to cope with the side-effects of the Ancient Black Objects.
The summary begins with The Map of the Universe and ends with a prelude to The Attack of the Nemish, which is book ten of the series.



About the Author
George Arnold Hall George Arnold Hall lives in Ontario Canada and has studied computers, martial arts, linguistics and history. He loves to read fantasy, research various subjects and write stories inspired by life and research. Everything that he experiences is bound to be one of the many scenes in his writing.



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