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The Street Was Our Playground by Frank Palladino

The Street Was Our Playground

by Frank Palladino

42 pages
The value of street games:Past and Present

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About the Book
Every generation of children has learned to play games that were handed down to them from the previous generation.The "Great Generation" (born in the early 20th century) were off to war, but left a legacy of games that had a profound effect on those children left behind.

There were very few formal programs offering competitive games and facilities so the younger boys and girls had to fend for themselves.They developed rules, procedures,teams, playing fields and equipment necessary to play their games.

Each and every game played presented learning opportunities covering every aspect of the adult world from competitveness to moral and social values.Many of the games required decisions to be made which affected there outcome.No matter if you won or lost you gained knowledge with each activity.

The chapters are divided by specific environments to illustrate the various barriers to playing these games.The many seasons of weather,which the east coast experienced, allowed us to play a full year with a variety of games.

The overall effect was the developement of sound bodies, sharp minds and self reliance.There was no better teacher than street games to prepare us for the adult world.



About the Author
Frank grew up in a New York neighborhood of immigrant children.The book explains the the games they played and the overall effect they had in preparing them for their future. Playing these games not only formed life long friendships they learned values and social behavior for life.



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