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Oh for a Ha'porth of Tar by Lucidus Smith

Oh for a Ha'porth of Tar

by Lucidus Smith

420 pages
A fictional biography of Bertie Bannister, sea captain extraordinaire.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
This book is a fictional biography of Robert Bannister the third, who was always called Bertie.

It starts in 1885 when Bertie was six and follows his life through to 1948 when he was sixty nine.

Bertie was the only child of Alice and Robert Bannister and grew up in Gravesend, England, close to the river Thames, where he lived with his parents and grandparents.

Bertie was destined to work with his father and grandfather on their Thames Barge, ferrying goods from London to the different towns along the banks of the Thames as well as to ones further afield in Kent and Essex. Fate intervened one day, to give him an opportunity to attend a naval college on the Isle of Wight, which would start him on a career that would not only take him all over the world, but also involve him in most of the world’s major events over the next sixty years.

The story follows Bertie through good times and bad and sees him become a family man with a child of his own to love and be responsible for.

Some people are born heroes, some have heroism thrust upon them and others simply do their best wherever they are and whatever situation they find themselves in. Bertie is just an ordinary man whose professional approach to life and dedication to duty are an inspiration and example to everyone who meets him.

This book does not contain bad language, gratuitous violence or sex scenes, but it does cover aspects of warfare and there are some acts of violence in the story.


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About the Author
The author is British, married and is in his sixties. Before he retired he was Company Secretary for an American Printer manufacturer and since retirement has spent much time in Australia. This is his second novel, which is part of the 'Blossom' trilogy and the third novel is underway!



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