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The Book of Dave by David Gregson

The Book of Dave

by David Gregson

48 pages
A wry, witty and ultimately optimistic look at menís lives.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
The Book of Dave is a wry, witty but ultimately optimistic look at the lives of men everywhere between the ages of 35 and 60. Before then you should be out enjoying yourself. After then, lets face it, youíre just a coffin dodger.

If you are blissfully happy at present, stop kidding yourself.

If you are looking for a light hearted read while sipping your morning coffee, forget it. You should get a few laughs out of the book, but if you read it all the way through, you should end up feeling as if you have had your guts ripped out.

The book is short. It is written to you, Dave, the everyman, and you might finish it in a day. It is written that way. On the other hand you may have to put it down a few times to think about what it says.

This is not a guide to how to live your life. I donít know you. You donít know me. Letís keep it that way. This is a book to start you thinking, moving, changing, growing. The rest is up to you.

I really hope it helps you, Dave. I wish I had had a book like this 20 years ago.



About the Author
Dave is an ordinary middle aged man. He has an ordinary job in an ordinary town, an ordinary family and an ordinary home. He does not own any exotic pets. He is just like you.



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