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EISENHOWER'S CHILDREN: The Road to Misawa by George Welch


by George Welch

364 pages
A fictional history of military intelligence at Misawa, Japan.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In the closing months of World War II, Allied pilots, flying the new B-29 Superfortress, continue to assault Tokyo and other cities in Japan. U.S. Navy Avengers, striking from carriers off the coast of Honshu, largest of the Japanese islands, destroy the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Base at Misawa.

Thus begins the epic story described in Eisenhower’s Children: The Road to Misawa, a story spanning seven decades that chronicles the history of the American military’s presence at Misawa. Captain Davis Stark and his Army engineers arrive at Misawa less than a month after the Japanese surrender and begin the monumental task of rebuilding the base to accommodate not only the U.S. Army Air Forces 49th Fighter Group but the Top Secret intelligence gathering command known in those days as the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS).

Every year presents a new challenge to the forces now occupying Misawa Air Base: overcoming the bitterness that initially exists between the defeated Japanese citizens of Misawa and the victorious American military; supporting U.S. war efforts in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East; changing and adapting their focus with each passing decade; facing the tragedy of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that brought death and destruction to Northern Honshu.

Illustrated with nearly 50 pages of historical photographs and including over 450 historical and fictional characters, Eisenhower’s Children is not just a story of Misawa. It is a record of changing times and evolving nations since the end of the last Great War.


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About the Author
George Welch George Welch is a USAFSS veteran who served at Misawa and Wakkanai Japan. This is the third book dealing with his experiences in military intelligence. Mr. Welch is retired and lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.



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