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Job Survival: 12 Ways to Succeed When There Are No Jobs by Karene Conlin and Roxene Lee

Job Survival: 12 Ways to Succeed When There Are No Jobs

by Karene Conlin and Roxene Lee

108 pages
Business: Job Hunting and Careers

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Category: Business:Job-Hunting And Careers
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About the Book
JOB SURVIVAL: 12 WAYS TO SUCCEED WHEN THERE ARE NO JOBS is a practical guide for job seekers in all phases of their careers. It is an easy to read and use guide book for people who are looking for a job, looking for a better job, trying to get recruiters to call them back for an interview, trying to figure out how not to be deselected during the interview process, and who need help in the job search process.

We are the Job Divas, job resource managers with expertise in job recruiting, strategic planning, marketing, education, and client coaching.

The Job Survival Manual is: 1) The first book to explore career changes from a comprehensive recruiter, strategic planning, marketing, and behavior modification perspective; 2) A practical go-to book that job seekers from all stages of their career can use as a reference for job searches, career mapping, strategy options, and career assessment tools; and 3) An easy to use guide with focused information in each chapter so readers can go directly to the chapters that fit their needs

The job market has changed since we were mid-level corporate managers in a strong economy. We went to school, got college degrees, networked, and stayed employed for most of our careers. The current weak economy has changed how companies do business. Coveted high paying jobs have been eliminated for more cost-effective and efficient job positions that can get the job done with fewer resources. Job longevity is no longer the norm, and flexibility and short term assignments are often the choice of employers.

This book will show job seekers how to make career changes, repackage their skill sets, and reposition themselves in today’s job market.



About the Author
Karene Lee Conlin has been a successful global resource manager/recruiter in USA, Canada, Asia (China, Singapore, India Australia, Japan, and Korea), Europe, South America, India, Account/Business Development Manager, Sales Director, Strategic planning and research manager, marketing director, and customer service manager for 26 years.

Roxene Lee is a job recruiter, strategic planning manager, marketing director, educator, and client coach. She has worked for hospitals, universities, and non-profits for the past 35 years as a mid-level manager.



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