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No Time For Kings by Mark Petruska

No Time For Kings

by Mark Petruska

334 pages
Radical ecoterrorists resort to murder in order to save the planet.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
“It’s only a matter of time before they kill somebody.”

~ Rep. Chris Chocola, R-Indiana, in 2003 when he introduced the Stop Terrorism Property Act, aimed at curbing the activities of eco-terrorists.

Newspaper reporter Rachel Sullivan is trying to balance single parenthood and a career, hoping for a big story that will land her on the front page. On assignment in Alaska, she stumbles across the aftermath of a brazen attack by Earth Fights Back, a radical eco-terrorist group that has been wreaking havoc across the western United States for years. Led by a suave megalomaniac with a mysterious past, the organization’s antics have evolved from driving states through redwood trees and the toppling of radio towers to more sophisticated and sinister acts of terror, including murder. Driven by a thirst for notoriety and a misplaced desire to protect the planet, Earth Fights Back is leaving a trail of destruction and dead bodies in its wake while constantly remaining one step ahead of the FBI. They are planning their biggest attack yet, one that will catapult the organization’s name onto the global headlines…unless Rachel can stop them first. When things turn personal, Rachel finds herself locked in a winner-takes-all game of cat and mouse - with deadly consequences.

One man wants to save the earth.
One woman wants to save her family.
There can be only one winner…



About the Author
Mark Petruska Mark Petruska is a freelance writer whose passion for the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where he resides, inspired his first novel. When not writing, Mark enjoys hiking, photography, cooking, and ghost hunting. He blogs regularly, contributes a monthly column to a literary publication, and is trying to perfect risotto.



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