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The Vitality Diet by Michelle Schoffro Cook

The Vitality Diet

by Michelle Schoffro Cook

61 pages
21 Days to a Thinner, Healthier, Happier, More Energetic You

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
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About the Book
In the cutting-edge e-book, The Vitality Diet, Dr. Cook guides you step-by-step to make dietary changes that support energy, vitality and balanced weight. Dr. Cook shares valuable information you won't find anywhere else, like her proprietary chart of 11 potent phytonutrients that burn fat and where to find them.

You can benefit from this fantastic resource no matter whether you already eat well or if you are on the high-sugar, high-fat standard American diet. And don't worry about deprivation or radical changes, Dr. Cook coaches you to transform even the poorest of diets.

The Vitality Diet includes:

13 fat-fighting foods;

11 nutrients that burn fat and the foods that contain them;

How to curb cravings;

8 safe weight loss supplements;

The powerful phytonutrient that speeds up belly fat loss by 77 percent and where to find it;

The nutritional factor that is missing from at least 80 percent of people's diets and how this deficiency is linked to weight gain, fatigue and poor health and how to address this deficiency quickly and effortlessly;

How to stock your pantry for greater vitality and well-being;

10 surprising sources of toxic MSG and how this sneaky food additive causes weight gain, exhaustion and even mimics serious health conditions;

How to snack your way to greater energy and reduced weight;

Easy ways to supercharge your digestion;

And much more.



About the Author
Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, MSc, PhD, is a international best-selling and 11-time book author whose works include: Allergy-Proof, The Phytozyme Cure, The Ultimate pH Solution and the 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan. She is a Doctor of Traditional Natural Medicine, Clinical Nutritionist and publisher of World's Healthiest News.



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