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Video Gamer Levels: A New Idea by Thomas Young

Video Gamer Levels: A New Idea

by Thomas Young

118 pages
New categorization theory on classifying and helping video gamers.

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Category: Games
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About the Book
Video Gamer Levels are about the categorization of video gamers and subsequently relate with all topics in the video game culture. The Levels recognize a connection between the video gamer and the video game. This helps examine the video gamer's identification with the polar opposites of virtual reality and the real world. By recognizing the video gamer's identification with virtual reality and the real world, topics such as video game interest, violence, education, and addiction can be pursued as well as many other topics.

The structure of the book invites the reader by giving a simple introduction into Video Gamer Levels, further detailing chapters concerning the Video Gamer Levels, and then step-by-step chapters relating these Levels with other video game topics such as education, age, obesity, and violence. An interview section is provided as a means of testing whether Video Gamer Levels accurately relate with video gamers and video games. Additionally, an extra section is also given to provide insight into the author's view on the link between video gamer aggression and video game violence.



About the Author
Thomas Young is a technological enthusiast with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Database Management. His extensive experience with video games began when he was four years old and has been his main hobby for many years just as computer technology is his career.



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